Not All Pizza's are Created Equal

The Requirements

Fresh Made Dough

Highest Quality Meat, Fresh Cut Toppings

100% Real Mozzerella or Provolone Cheese

Home Made Sauce not from Concentrate

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Not all pizzas are created equal.  We are here to set the record straight.  Every one of the Pizzeria companies that are represented on this site have been certified as a Craft Pizza.  What makes a Pizza a Craft Pizza?  A number of very important differences...fresh dough, fresh sauce, authentic cheese, fresh cut veggies and high quality meat toppings.  These are the things the big chains don't have!

“ is the only site to use when I travel. I use it every time!”

Sal Nistico


“The best Pizza ever. So cheesy and tasty!  Thanks”

Jackie Jackson

Pizza is a Craft...

Honor It!


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